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Topic: the pub.

Would you like to go to the pub?
Shall we go to the pub?
Fancy going to the pub?
What would you like to drink?
What do you want to drink?
What are you having?
What can I get you?
Would you like another drink?
I’ll have the same again, please?
I’m fine, thanks. / I’m OK, thanks.
A pint of lager, please.
A lager shandy, please.
Two pints of bitter, a pint of Budweiser and
a packet of cheese and onion crisps, please.
Half a pint of Tetley’s and aglass of sparkling water, please.
A vodka and orange, please.
A Jameson’s, please.
I’ll get this round.
These are on me.
Cheers! (to your health)
Cheers. (thanks – informal)

What can I get you?
Ice and lemon?
Anything else?
That’ll be twenty-two pounds, please.
The drinks are on the house.
Last orders, please.
Time, please, ladies and gentlemen.

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