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Questions that start with "Wh" words

Choose the correct question word:

1. When/What/Which do you go to school?

2. Why/What/How is the colour of your bag?

3. When/How old/Why are you?

4. When/Which/How much did you come home?

5. Where/How many/What is your favourite sport? 6. When/Where/Whose do you live?

7. What/Why/Who were you absent yesterday?

8. What/Which/How is your friend’s name?

9. Where/Which/Whom did you send an SMS?

10. What/Where/Why did you buy yesterday?

11. Why/When/What will Liz arrive in Italy?

12. Who/Which/How much will help you?

13. How/How much/How many is it?

14. How/ When/How many books have you got?

15. Where/Why/What were you born?

16. When/Why/What is she doing?

17.  Where/Why/When do you get up?

18. Who/Which/What likes to eat apples?

19. Which/Where/Whose mobile is it?

20. Where/What/How will you go to Paris?

21. Why/Whom/Whose did you call?

22. Who/Whom/Whose cap is it?

23. Where/What/When is your car?

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