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Put the following words into the correct place:

Unemployed ; qualifications ; commission ; salary ; training ; strike ; resign ; retire ; wage ; pension ; earn ; bonus ; employees ; trade unions ; sacked ; interview ; redundant ; CV ; skills.

  1. What do you think is a good ________ or ________ in your country? How much would you like to __________?


  1. Would you like to work on __________? Why / Why not? Do you think people should get a paid _________ for especially good work?


  1. What different information should you put in a _______?


  1. What should you do to make a good impression at a job __________?


  1. Think of the job you do at the moment or that you would like to do in the future.  What __________ and/or ____________ do you need to do it?


  1. How many years’ ___________ do you need to do before you can become a doctor in your country?


  1. Is it common or unusual for __________ to go on _________ in your country? Do you have ____________?


  1. For what reasons can people be __________? For what reasons can people be ___________? Why do people sometimes _________ from their jobs?


  1. What help do people get from the government if they are _____________ in your country?


  1.  At what age do men and women usually __________ in your country? Do you think this is early, late or about right? Do they usually get a ___________? 

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