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Vocabulary for a stress-free travel



a check-in desk n

the area in an airport where you show your ticket and give them your luggage

spare adj

a “spare” seat is a seat that isn’t being used by anyone – it’s extra

live adj

a “live” animal is alive (not dead)

a boarding card n

a piece of paper that gives you permission to go on the plane

space n

an area that is empty and available

an overhead locker n

the area above the seats in a plane where you can put bags

to land vb

when a plane “lands”, it comes to the ground in a controlled manner

a seat back n

the back of a chair – the part that your back touches as you're sitting down

a taxi stand n

a place in the road where you can wait for taxis

a boot n

the part at the back of a car where you can put bags, etc. A “trunk” in US English

to decline vb

if your credit card is “declined”, it won’t work

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