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Corny criminals

Забавные аудио истории о людях преступивших закон. В этих коротких рассказах содержится очень хорошая лексика, полезная для всех уровней и возрастов. Читайте, слушайте и запоминайте.

“I was only trying to help,” said  German driver Hans Bad after  he was arrested for drunk  driving. Hans was driving  along the motorway when  he saw a car at the side of the  road. Thinking that the car had  broken down, he stopped  to help. However, the car was  actually a police car and part  of a roadside spot check  for drunk drivers. “As soon  as he got out of the car, we  suspected that he was under  the influence of alcohol,” a  police officer explained. “He  fell out of the car, lurched  forwards and started shouting  loudly about how he was going  to help us and that everything  would be all right,” the officer  added. “Obviously, he couldn’t  see very well, otherwise he  would have realised that this  was a police car.” The 37-yearold man was arrested and  banned from driving.

drunk driving n
driving whilst under the influence of
alcohol (also, “drink driving”)
to break down phr vb
if a car “breaks down”, it stops working
a roadside spot check n
a place in the road where the police
stop vehicles and check things
to lurch forwards exp
to move forwards suddenly and
otherwise exp
if not
to realise vb
to understand
to ban vb
to prohibit
a toy store n
a shop that sells toys
to go up to someone exp
to go close to someone
a carving knife n
a large knife for cutting food
scared adj
to talk someone into doing
something exp
to persuade someone to do
to have someone killed exp
if you “have X killed”, you pay
someone to kill X
to hire vb
to pay money for a service; to pay for
the use of something for a limited
listed adj
if you are “listed” in the Yellow Pages,
you appear there
a gunman n
a person who is skilled with a gun
to stage vb
to organise and present a piece
of acting or a performance of
a gunfight n
a fight between two or more people
who are shooting one another
to trace a call exp
to locate the origin of a call
an inheritance n
money/goods/property, etc you
receive from a dead person

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