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Accommodation types and tariffs

Complete paragraphs with the most appropriate word or expression from the list.

apartment, apartment hotel, boutique hotel, chalet, commercial hotel
guest house, hotel garni, luxury hotel, motel, tourist hotel, villa, hostel

1. The __________ we stayed at was right by the beach. It had three bedrooms (all en-suite), a
beautiful living / dining room, a huge kitchen, front, back and roof gardens and its own swimming

2. The __________ we stayed at when we went skiing in Austria had two double bedrooms, a large
living room with open fireplace, a small kitchen and terraces at the front and back with fantastic
views over the Alps.

3. It's on the fourth floor. It has two twin rooms, a living room with a Murphy, a small kitchen, a
wonderful bathroom with a spa bath, and a small balcony overlooking the swimming pool.

4. David and Buddug Evans are delighted to invite visitors to spend a long weekend in 'Green Briars',
the most delightful __________ in Llandudno. Join us for delicious home cooking, traditional
comfort and a real Welsh welcome!

5. The 'Ball and Chain' is probably the most exciting and interesting __________ to open in London this
year. Not only is it set in the former Chingwall prison, with single, twin and double accommodation
in the old cells, but all the fascinating artwork has been done by prisoners in real prisons around the
country. Outstanding levels of comfort and service are guaranteed.

6. Driving when tired is one of the most common causes of accidents, so why not break your journey
at the Crossways __________. Situated on the A542 between Bunnyhutch and Birdiebath, we offer
a choice of comfortable rooms, including three large family rooms, two restaurants and a bar.
Ample, secure parking is also provided.

7. For people who want hotel comfort without all the hotel facilities, the __________ is probably the
most suitable type of hotel accommodation. No restaurants, no bars, no pools or tennis courts, just
simple, comfortable rooms.

8. If you're looking for good, cheap accommodation and don't mind sharing, I'd recommend
'Backpackers' __________ on Wytham View Street. There are three dormitories, each with 12 bunk
beds, a café that serves hot drinks and good breakfasts, and the hottest showers in town! The
warden is really friendly, too.

9. 'The Moathouse', a __________ outside Derringly, has been designed specifically for businessmen
and women visiting the area. Accommodation is in small studio rooms which come with all the
necessities for the busy business person. These include complete telephone and Internet facilities,
mobile charge points, tea and coffee making facilities and fully soundproofed rooms for a good
night's rest.

10. In some cities, long-stay visitors can take advantage of __________. Accommodation is in rooms or
suites, each with their own kitchen and bathroom. Normal hotel services are provided, but this type
of accommodation generally offers more space and flexibility than a standard hotel.

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