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Family words
A family tree for some of Anne and Ivan Sorokin’s relatives or relations.

Ivan and Anne and their children

Ivanis Anne’s husband and Karenand Jack’s father. Anneis Ivan’s wife and Karenand Jack’s mother.

Anneand Ivanare Karenand Jack’s parents.

Karenis Anneand Ivan’s daughter. Jackistheir son. Karenis Jack’s sister. Jackis Karen’s brother.

Henry and Diana

Henryis Karenand Jack’s grandfather. Dianaistheir grandmother. Henryand Dianaare Karenand Jack’s grandparents.

Karenis Henryand Diana’s granddaughter. Jackistheir grandson.

Amelia, Georgeand Meena

Georgeis Karenand Jack’s uncle.

Ameliaand Meenaare Karenand Jack’s aunts.

Karenis Amelia, Georgeand Meena’s niece. Jackistheir nephew. Kavitaand Raviare Karenand Jack’s cousins.


Have you got any brothers and sisters? No, Iam an only child.

Do you come from a big family? Yes, I have three brothers and two sisters.

Common mistakes

We say ‘my/his wife’ (singular) but ‘our/their wives’ (plural).

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