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Level Up - learn English online Extra English - Hector's arrival - Test 1
Read the information about the characters and then complete the sentences. Bridget and Annie live together in a flat in London. Bridget is pretty and likes exercising. Annie is friendly and relaxed. She has a dog. Nick is a neighbour of Bridget and Annie, and he spends a lot of time in their flat. Hector is from Argentina. Seven years ago, he was Bridget`s pen pal. Now he`s in London but he doesn`t speak English very well. Hector is quite rich. At home in Argentina, he has a lot of fast cars and there are several servants in his house. 
Extra English level up   |   Дата: 30.01.2018   |   Вопросов: 10   |   Автор: Level Up
Вопрос № 1

Bridget and Annie

are neighbours
share a flat
are very similar
Вопрос № 2

Hector and Bridget

are old friends
used to write to each other
live in the same flat
Вопрос № 3

Nick and Hector

are the same nationality
come from different countries
look very similar
Вопрос № 4

Bridget gets a ________ from Argentina.

Вопрос № 5

Hector wants to _______ with Bridge and Annie.

go out
Вопрос № 6

He is going to arrive ______

next week
Вопрос № 7

Bridget has an _______ in the flat.

exercise bike
Вопрос № 8

When Hector arrives at the door, he`s wearing __________

a suit and tie
a raincoat
Вопрос № 9

How does Bridget feel about Nick watching her ride her exercise bike?

She likes it
She doesn`t like it
She`s used to it
Вопрос № 10

What do the girls think when they see Hector come out of the bathroom?

They are impressed
They are unimpressed
They have no opinion
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