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Who is healthier?

Read the piece below and decide who is healthier, Mary or Tim.

My name is Mary and I am an architect. I get up every morning and have cereal for breakfast. I also have a can of coke. I drink too much coke but I really like it. For lunch I have a sandwich but I also eat a lot of fruit. I don’t exercise enough but I try and I go for a run once a week. For dinner I usually have pasta or salad. My brother is called Tim and he works in an office. He doesn’t eat breakfast in the morning but he has a salad and a glass of orange juice for lunch. He does a lot of exercise and goes to the gym every day but he eats too many cakes. He works very hard and sometimes just has a sandwich for dinner. I don’t think he gets enough sleep.

Read the article about Mary and Tim and fill in the blanks

  1. Mary drinks _________________ coke.
  2. Mary eats ___________________ fruit
  3. Mary doesn’t do _________________ exercise.
  4. Tim does _____________________ exercise.
  5. Tim eats ____________________ cakes.
  6. Tim doesn’t get __________________ sleep.


How healthy are you?

Now write five sentences about your own eating and exercise habits. Don’t forget to use too much/too many/enough/not enough/a lot of.


Too much                       used with uncountable nouns e.g.

Enough/not enough                 sugar/chocolate/ice.


Too many                       used with countable nouns e.g. biscuits/sweets/

A lot of                         apples/cigarettes.











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